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Back To Titanic

In the last two years I have made three new posts on Titanic.

One was sharing a paper Titanic model made by the husband of a fellow writer. The second was some new Titanic news (yes I know, a little unbelievable but it was). And the third was an article on newlyweds on the Titanic. I made the decision a long time ago to stop writing about Titanic, there are too many projects in my in-box (including articles on other ships). But my staff and some of the readers have been asking me for another Titanic and Olympic article.

So, on 13 April 2014, we will publish another article in the “Titanic and Olympic: How to tell them apart in photographs” series.

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R.M.S. Titanic Centennial Observance Event

R.M.S. Titanic Centennial Observance Event.

Our event “Titanic: The Journey Begins” is your boarding pass to sail on Titanic’s maiden voyage. You can follow along as the events unfold exactly as they did, and at the exact same time, 100 years ago or visit at a later time and catch up. We have a host of activities planned including; guest author and speakers, movies, photos, door prizes, free downloads, and more. All from your own e-device right where you are.


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Titanic and Olympic: How to tell them apart in photographs.

Titanic and Olympic: How to tell them apart in photographs..


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