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Your Thought For Today: 30 July 2018

This was one of my daughter’s favorite books when she was little. We read it until we wore the cover off the book.

There are a lot of life lessons for adults in this little kids book.

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The Real Sign of Intelligence? Hmmm

Some people really make you think. They make you question everything you know, take a step back, and look at what you know from a different perspective. Sometimes this leads you to change your thinking. Sometimes, after going full circle, you end up back where you started. You still have the same position you had before, but now you have a greater understanding of yourself and why “this position” (whatever “this position” is) is your position.

Some experts believe that being able to look at something from someone else’s perspective or from a different position, is a sign of Intelligence. Maybe it is, I do not know. What I do know is that challenging your own beliefs and opinions can really open up your way of thinking. You may change an opinion or you may stick with your original opinion. But whichever way you go, you will now have more knowledge and greater confidence about the topic no matter what it is.

I am blessed with a small group of friends that do this for each other. We don’t get to have our round table discussions as often as we would like. But when we do you never know what the topic of conversation will be. The one thing that is certain is that each of us will take our turn as “devil’s advocate” and that we will dissect the topic from every side, every angle, every position.

One of our latest topics was Karma. Afterwards I discussed Karma with a wider group of friends and acquaintances.

We all know what Karma is, though our wording may differ slightly. We also know at least one person we hope we get to observe when Karma finally catches up with them.

But is that really what Karma is about? Next week I’ll share with you what our petite cour discovered about Karma, and some things I’ve discovered on my own journey. All I ask from you is to think about your view of Karma. Think about it for a while, look at your position from the inside out and outside in. You will come away with a greater strength in your personal opinion or you may even gain a new opinion. Just play with your ideas — daydream a little and have fun with this.

Until then, here is a humorous post of mine from six years ago about Karma.

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Our Weekly Ides: 25 July 2018

Weekly Ides? Yup Weekly Ides. The word ides comes from the Romans and means half. Wednesday is the halfway point of the week. “The Submarine H. L. Hunley”

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Your Thought For Today: 23 July 2018

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The Essence of Heart

Amidst packing my mind is wandering through words. Not written words, individual words. The words my grandfather tried to live by, and the words that defined him. The words I have attempted to live by; at times failing so miserably. (Yes that’s a semicolon.)

Some words are noble and inspire. Yet to some a single noble word is more threatening than an entire essay. Why? Is it the fear of expectations unfulfilled? Promises longed for, never to be realized? But that is the essence of life.

All of us fail more often than we succeed, but it is not the failure that defines us. It is what we do after the failure that defines us.

And that is not a word, that is heart.

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