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Back To Titanic

In the last two years I have made three new posts on Titanic.

One was sharing a paper Titanic model made by the husband of a fellow writer. The second was some new Titanic news (yes I know, a little unbelievable but it was). And the third was an article on newlyweds on the Titanic. I made the decision a long time ago to stop writing about Titanic, there are too many projects in my in-box (including articles on other ships). But my staff and some of the readers have been asking me for another Titanic and Olympic article.

So, on 13 April 2014, we will publish another article in the “Titanic and Olympic: How to tell them apart in photographs” series.

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Titanic: The Ship’s Plans

Titanic: The Ship’s Plans.

Here are the plans for the Titanic & Olympic, as you can see it can be hard to tell the difference.


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The Ides of March 2012

15 Mar 2012: Ides comes from the Latin Idus, this was a commonly used on the Roman calendar, it meant “half-division.” On this Ides of March 2012, we are half way through the planned series of articles based on my upcoming new Titanic book, “Titanic: The Journey Begins.”

As always happens with the best of plans, there have been modifications along the way (reader input). My intention has always been to “finish” Titanic and move on. I never wanted to write a second book on Titanic, but those who knew of and saw my private research insisted this was a story I had to tell.

My research into the Titanic disaster has always been influenced by my experiences as a mariner and a belief that the crew’s story was not understood properly. All of us have our own methodology based on our background and experiences. The actions of a police officer, school teacher, or lawyer may seem, at times, strange to a sailor. I have felt that some of the actions of the crew were mis-understood for this reason. I do believe that everyone has something to add to the story of the Titanic. My friends and associates believed that it was time for someone who has sailed the waters Titanic sailed to tell the crews story, with my background and the research I have done, they thought I should do it.

I have been announcing the topics of future articles and wanted to take this Ides of March, at the “half division” of this series of articles to announce the topic of the last article in this series (though I have come to realize lately that Titanic will always have a place on my web site).

Sunday 15 April 2012 will be the date for “Titanic: HMS Hawke, SS New York & Captain Smith.” We know what Captain Smith did wrong, but do you know what he did right? I will also answer Walter Lord‘s question “Had ships gotten too big for Captain Smith”

So, in the middle of the day, in the middle of the week, in the middle of the month, in the middle of our series … here’s to a great second half and may you all have a great day.

British Edgar class protected cruiser HMS HAWKE.

HMS Hawke, Image via Wikipedia

English: Photographs of the HMS Hawke and the ...

RMS Olympic, HMS Hawke collision, Image via Wikipedia

English: The RMS Titanic in Southampton after ...

SS New York (center) & RMS Titanic almost collide, Image via Wikipedia


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