Jan van Eyck, "Knights of Christ" (d...

Jan van Eyck, “Knights of Christ” (detail of the Ghent Altarpiece). (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This page is a page that was never intended to exist. I wrote one article about chivalry. I had such a response to that one article, I decided to write a second article on chivalry. However, before I finished writing that second article the series had grown to four articles. Now, chivalry has its own page. Below you will find my articles on chivalry, and from time to time I will write a new article and add it too the list you see below.

Thank you for visiting my web site, and have a chivalrous day.


Hey, That Feminist Gave Me Back My Lance — Chivalry Part 4: 2013/03/10

I Found My Lance — Chivalry Part 3: 2013/03/03

Who Made This Lance Anyway? — Chivalry Part 2: 2013/02/24

Has Anyone Seen My Lance? — Chivalry Part 1: 2013/02/17

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