My Published Works

Here are a few of the retailers who carry my work. Some of these retailers only carry those books you can download for free the rest carry all or most of my work. If your favorite retailer does not have the particular book of mine that you want, you can also download it at Smashwords. If you do not see your favorite retailer here let us know and we will add them. Just click on the name of your favorite retailer to see the books they offer written by Joe.



Barnes & Noble





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8 responses to “My Published Works

  1. Thanks Mr. Joe…read Granada today…I had been in the dark over thirty years and now feel much better….you and I were closer than you think…at that moment in time..QM3 USN.


  2. Very prolific! I should have known.
    Congrats on all your successes, now and in the future.


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  4. I enjoyed your website super effort!


  5. I really appreciate your work , Great post.


  6. Joe,
    Read I am a Submariner this evening. Enjoyed it. My stepson 19 years old and a brandnew sailor just went to sea for first time onboard USS Columbus today.
    He is CS and nervous about preparing best meals for his shipmates. I PLAN to check out your books. Take care,


    • Keith your stepson will do fine he has nothing to worry about. The one piece of advice I have for him, “get your dolphins as fast as you can”. Earning his submarine warfare pin quickly will give him a good reputation with the crew and officers.
      I have an outline for another piece on submarines, it is about my last voyage, but I do not know when I will get to it. I have quite a few things in my in basket, all labeled “write next”.
      I am glad you liked “I Am A Submariner” and welcome to the submarine community.


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