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Just Relax, Everything will be fine ~ I promise

Friday night I was having a conversation with a friend. My friend is going on a date Saturday with an old ex. They’ve been talking and things are going pretty good. My friend was understandably nervous.

My last words before we said good night were:

“You have a good evening too.
And tomorrow?
Just relax and enjoy yourself.
You do not need to make any life-altering decisions tomorrow ~ just enjoy 😊”

My friend was a bit relieved. Afterwards, while listening to live jazz at my favorite neighborhood coffee shop, I thought about our conversation.

At the time I was just trying to help my friend relax. But I started thinking about my parting words. I am a writer, but what I said was not prepared. I was happy for a friend and want the date to go well.

The more I thought about what I said, the more I thought about when I actually follow that advice, and when I need to.

My ex-wife and I have an amicable relationship now. She’s remarried to a good man. And with 1,500 miles between us we rarely argue. She is now doing very well at keeping me updated about our daughter, photos and conversations about important decisions concerning our daughter.

About once or twice a month I see an ex for coffee or drinks. Not a date. Just a friendly get-together to catch up on things. A chance for me to have conversation with an intelligent atteactive woman, with no pressure.

Thursday I had a second interview with a potential employer (yes, I am changing jobs).

So what do all these things have in common?

“Just relax stupid, and enjoy yourself.
You do not need to make any life-altering decisions tomorrow ~ just enjoy.”

Yet, often in life we become nervous about things when what we need to do is take a deep breathe, relax, and enjoy the moment.

So, as you start your new week, don’t forget to relax and enjoy yourself. You really do not have to make any life-altering decisions tomorrow.

Have a blessed week!


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Love Is A Verb

Tell me your love story.

Whether a kindergarten

crush to a marriage of over 50 years.
Maybe it was a glimpse of someone at an airport. Two pairs of eyes locked for a few seconds that has lasted a lifetime.

Rekindling an old flame.

Love at first sight.

A return to a love of years ago.

Whatever your love story is, I want to hear it.

Your story could appear in my new book

“Love is a Verb”

Send your story to Joe at:

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