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The Cycle

View from my work window.

View from my work window.

Here we are at the end of August, summer is winding down. Most children are back in school and the few remaining will be soon. Labor Day is just around the corner. As the summer season is winding down the political season is winding up. This political season has been the worst I have witnessed in five decades, not the politicians the voters. Many a time I have seen worse politicians than these two running for office, but the voters – no I have not seen this before. The voters this cycle will ignore any criminal or corrupt action by their own candidate, while attacking wrongs, real and imagined (mostly imaged) of the opponent. They take every statement of the opponent, add their own rewrites, and then attack the statement. I look at what our country was, is, and no doubt will become, and I am angry, down, and scared for my daughter.

This morning though I had my hopes buoyed by a tree, yes a tree. Here in my “Eagles Nest” the temperatures are still in the 80s and 90s in the afternoons, but the early mornings are cool. Cool enough that the tree outside my window already has its first brown leaves of the season. You see despite all the less than ethical voters this year, despite the “win at any cost” attitude. Life moves on, the cycle continues. The trees once full of green leaves have now begun to turn to brown. In a few months the trees will be bare, and then in the spring they will bud once again. The cycle continues.

It reminded me of the Tytler Cycle. A theory attributed (incorrectly) to an eighteenth Scottish professor, judge, writer, and historian. The Tytler Cycle states that all nations, empires, and civilizations go through a specific cycle. That cycle is: bondage to spiritual faith to courage to liberty to abundance to selfishness to complacency to apathy to dependence to bondage.

The first time I saw the theory was some three decades ago. And of course I had to test it. So I began looking at all the nations and empires of history I could research. What I found was consistent across the board. The only difference I could see was the speed at which the different countries went through the various stages of the cycle. Egyptian, Greek, Roman, ancient and modern alike each went through those cycles.

So now when I encounter another voter who is willing to accept any candidate (no matter how unethical, corrupt, and criminal) just as long as “their side” wins, I just smile – because “this too shall pass” eventually.

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August 12, 2000

The submarine community lost 118 shipmates on August 12, 2000. Today we honor the men of the Russian submarine Kursk.

Kursk Crew List

Submariners, who perished 12, August, 2000

in the Barent’s Sea, as a result of an accident at 11.38

to the Russian Submarine “K-141” – KURSK.




(Ministry of Defence official list)


“For courage and heroism, during performance of sailor’s duties”

KURSK’s Commanding Officer  Captain 1 rank G. P. Liachin

was conferred the rank of Hero of Russian Federation,

the 117 crew members were awarded the Courage Order

(posthumously) on 26 August 2000


1st Compartment


1. Senior Midshipman Abdulkadyr M. Il’darov – leading torpedoman (Dagestan Rep.)

2. Midshipman Aleksey V. Zubov – hydroacoustic party technician (Ukraine)

3. Seaman Ivan N. Nefedkov – torpedo section commander (Sverdlovsk Reg.)

4. Seaman Maksim N. Borzhov – torpedoman (Vladimir Reg.)

5. Seaman Aleksey V. Shul’gin – bilge artificer (Arkhangelsk Reg.)

6. Senior Lieutenant Arnold Yu. Borisov – attached from OAO “Dagdizel” Plant (Dagestan Rep.)

7. Mamed I. Gadzhiyev – attached from OAO “Dagdizel” Plant (Dagestan Rep.)


2nd Compartment


Staff of the 7th Submarine Division


1. Captain 1 rank Vladimir T. Bagriantsev – chief of 7-th Submarine Division Staff (Crimea Rep.)

2. Captain 2 rank Yuriy T. Shepetnov – missile flag officer (Crimea Rep.)

3. Captain 2 rank Viktor M. Belogun’ – deputy chief of Division Engineering Service (Ukraine)

4. Captain 2 rank Vasiliy S. Isayenko – assistant chief of Division Engineering Service (Crimea Rep.)

5. Captain 3 rank Marat I. Baygarin – acting torpedo flag officer (Saint Petersburg)




6. Captain 1 rank Gennadiy P. Liachin – commanding officer (Volgograd Reg.)

7. Captain 2 rank Sergey V. Dudko – first officer (Byelorussia)

8. Captain 2 rank Aleksandr A. Shubin – upbringing officer (Crimea Rep.)

9. Captain-Lieutenant Maksim A. Safonov – navigating officer (Moscow Reg.)

10. Senior Lieutenant Sergey N. Tylik – electric navigation party commander (Murmansk Reg.)

11. Senior Lieutenant Vadim Ya Bubniv – electric navigation party engineer (Ulyanovsk Reg.)

12. Captain 3 rank Andrey B. Silogava – missile officer (Crimea Rep.)

13. Captain-Lieutenant Aleksey V. Shevchuk – commander of control party, missile dept. (Murmansk Reg.)

14. Senior Lieutenant Andrey V. Panarin – engineer of control party of missile dept. (Leningrad Reg.)

15. Senior Lieutenant Boris V. Geletin – commander of launch party of missile dept. (Murmansk Reg.)

16. Senior Leiutenant Sergey V. Uzkiy – commander, target designation party, missile dept. (Arkhangelsk)

17. Captain 2 rank Yuriy B. Sablin – engineering officer (Crimea Rep.)

18. Captain 3 rank Andrey V. Miliutin – damage-control assistant (Saint Petersburg)

19. Captain-Lieutenant Sergey S. Kokurin – commander, bilge party damage-control division (Voronezh Reg.)

20. Midshipman Vladimir V. Khivuk – mustering technician (Kursk Reg.)

21. Captain 3 rank Aleksandr Ye. Sadkov – control officer (Amur Reg.)

22. Captain-Lieutenant Mikhail O. Rodionov – computer party commander (Crimea Rep.)

23. Senior Lieutenant Sergey N. Yerahtin – computer party engineer (Murmansk Reg.)

24. Midshipman Yakov V. Samovarov – chief of sanitary section (Arkhangelsk Reg.)

25. Senior Midshipman Aleksandr V. Ruzliov – ship’s boatswain (Murmansk Reg.)

26. Midshipman Konstantin V. Kozyrev – electric navigation party technician (Murmansk Reg.)

27. Senior Midshipman Vladimir V. Fesak – electric navigation party technician, missile department (Ukraine)

28. Midshipman Andrey N. Polianskiy – electric navigation party technician, torpedo dept. (Krasnodar Reg.)

29. Midshipman Segrey A. Kislinskiy – technician of launch party of missile department (Kostroma Reg.)

30. Midshipman Sergey V. Griaznyh – computer party technician (Arkhangelsk Reg.)

31. Seaman Dmitriy S. Mirtov – steersman-signaller (Komi Rep.)

32. Petty Officer 2 class (under contract) Dmitriy A. Leonov – steersman,signallers sect. commander (Moscow)

33. Senior Lieutenant Maksim A. Rvanin – engineering party engineer (Arkhangelsk Reg.)

34. Seaman Andrey N. Driuchenko – electrician (Arkhangelsk Reg.)

35. Senior Lieutenant Aleksey A. Ivanov-Pavlov – torpedo officer (Ukraine)

36. Midshipman Viktor A. Paramonenko – hydroacoustic party technician (Ukraine)


3rd Compartment


1. Captain-Lieutenant Dmitriy A. Repnikov – assistant commanding officer (Crimea Rep.)

2. Captain 3 rank Andrey A. Rudakov –  Commander of Military Unit 4 , signal officer (Moscow Reg.)

3. Captain-Lieutenant Sergey G. Fiterer – space communication party commander (Kaliningrad Reg.)

4. Captain-Lieutenant Oleg I. Nosikovskiy – classified automatic communication party commander


5. Captain-Lieutenant Vitaliy M. Solorev – commander of equipment party of damage-control division (Bryansk)

6. Captain-Lieutenant Sergey N. Loginov – hydroacoustic party commander (Ukraine)

7. Captain-Lieutenant Andrey V. Koroviakov – hydroacoustic party engineer, navigator’s dept. (St Petersburg)

8. Captain-Lieutenant Aleksey V. Korobkov – hydroacoustic party engineer, missile dept. (Murmansk Reg.)

9. Captain-Lieutenant Aleksandr V. Gudkov – radio intelligence party commander (Kaliningrad Reg.)

10. Captain 3 rank Viacheslav A. Bezsokirnyy – chief of chemical service (Ukraine)

11. Senior Midshipman Igor’ V. Yerasov – crypto operator (Voronezh Reg.)

12. Senior Midshipman Vladimir V. Svechkariov – telegraphy operator, classified automatic communication

(Nizhny Novgorod Reg.)

13. Senior Midshipman Sergey A. Kalinin – telegraphy operator, classified automatic communication, missile

dept. (Ukraine)

14. Senior Midshipman Igor V. Fedorichev – control department technician (Tula Reg.)

15. Midshipman Maksim I. Vishniakov – target designation party technician (Ukraine)

16. Midshipman Segrey S. Chernyshov – space communication party technician (Crimea Rep.)

17. Midshipman Mikhail A. Belov – hydroacoustic party technician (Nizhny Novgorod Reg.)

18. Midshipman Pavel V. Tavolzhanskiy – hydroacoustic party technician (Belgorod Reg.)

19. Senior Midshipman Sergey B. Vlasov – radio intelligence party technician (Murmansk Reg.)

20. Midshipman Sergey A. Rychkov – chemical service technician (Uzbekistan)

21. Petty Officer 2 class (under contract) Yuriy A. Annenkov – Mechanic of Military Unit 2  (Kursk Reg.)

22. Seaman Dmitriy A. Kotkov – missile department mechanician (Vologda Reg.)

23. Dubbing Seaman Nikolay V. Pavlov – missile department mechanician (Voronezh Reg.)

24. Seaman Ruslan V. Trianichev – bilge artificer (Vologda Reg.)


4th Compartment


1. Senior Lieutenant Denis S. Kirichenko – damage-control engineer (Ulyanovsk Reg.)

2. Captain of Medical service Aleksey B. Stankevich – medical officer (Ukraine, Saint Petersburg)

3. Midshipman Vitaliy F. Romaniuk – surgeon’s assistant (Crimea Rep.)

4. Senior Midshipman Vasiliy V. Kichkiruk – head of sanitary team (Ukraine)

5. Senior Midshipman Anatoliy N. Beliayev – ship’s cook (instructor) (Ryazan Reg.)

6. Chief ship’s Petty Officer /under contract/ Salovat V. Yasapov – cook (instructor) (Bashkortostan Rep.)

7. Seaman Sergey A. Vitchenko – cook (Leningrad Reg.)

8. Seaman Oleg V. Yevdokimov – cook (Kursk Reg.)

9. Seaman Dmitry V. Starosel’tsev – bilge seaman (Kursk Reg.)

10. Seaman Aleksandr V. Halepo – turbine stand-by operator (Komi Rep.)

11. Seaman Aleksey Yu. Kolomeytsev – turbine stand-by operator (Komi Rep.)

12. Seaman Igor’ V. Loginov – turbine stand-by operator (Komi Rep.)


5th Compartment


1. Captain 3 rank Dmitriy B. Murachiov – party commander of main propulsion division (Crimea Rep.)

2. Captain-Lieutenant Denis S. Pshenichnikov – party commander, control division, navigator’s dept. (Crimea)

3. Captain-Lieutenant Sergey N. Liubushkin – party commander, control division, missile dept. (N. Novgorod)

4. Captain 3 rank Ilya V. Shchavinskiy – engineering division commander (Saint Petersburg)

5. Captain-Lieutenant Aleksandr Ye. Vasilyev – commander,  equipment party, main propulsion division (Crimea)

6. Captain 3 rank Nikolay A. Beloziorov – engineering party commander (Voronezh Reg.)

7. Senior Midshipman Ivan I. Tsymbal – technician-electrician (Ukraine)

8. Midshipman Oleg V. Troyan – chemical service technician (Azerbaijan)

9. Chief Petty Officer (under contract) Aleksandr V. Neustroyev – electrician (Tomsk Reg.)

10. Seaman Aleksey A. Larionov – bilge seaman (Komi Rep.)

11. Midshipman Vladimir G. Shablatov – technician-electrician (Mari El Rep.)


5th Bis Compartment


1. Senior Lieutenant Vitaliy Ye. Kuznetsov – engineering party engineer, navigator’s dept. (Novgorod Reg.)

2. Senior Midshipman Nail’ Kh. Khafizov – leading instructor of chemical service (Bashkortostan Rep.)

3. Senior Midshipman Yevgeniy Yu. Gorbunov – diesel operator (Nizhny Novgorod reg.)

4. Midshipman Valeriy A. Baybarin – head of bilge team of damage-control division (Chelyabinsk Reg.)


6th Compartment


1. Captain-Lieutenant Rashid R. Ariapov – main propulsion assistant (Uzbekistan)

2. Midshipman Aleksey G. Balanov – head of bilge team of main propulsion division (Chuvash Rep.)

3. Senior Lieutenant Aleksey V. Mitiayev – engineer, equipment party, main propulsion division (St.Petersburg)

4. Chief Petty Officer (under contract) Viacheslav V. Maykagashev – bilge specialist (Khakass Rep.)

5. Seaman Aleksey A. Korkin – bilge specialist (Arkhangelsk Reg.)


7th Compartment


1. Captain-Lieutenant Dmitriy R. Kolesnikov – commander, technical party, main propulsion division


2. Midshipman Fanis M. Ishmuradov – technical party technician (Bashkortostan Rep.)

3. Petty Officer 2 class (under contract) Vladimir S. Sadovoy – turbine section commander (N. Novgorod Reg.)

4. Seaman Roman V. Kubikov – turbine operator (Kursk Reg.)

5. Seaman Aleksey N. Nekrasov – turbine operator (Kursk Reg.)

6. Petty Officer 1 class /under contract/ Reshid R. Zubaydullin – electrician (Ulyanovsk Reg.)

7. Seaman Ilya S. Naliotov – turbine operator (Vologda Reg.)

8. Petty Officer 2 class /under contract/ Roman V. Anikiyev – turbine operator (Murmansk Reg.)

9. Senior Midshipman Vladimir A. Kozadiorov – technician & turbine operator (Lipetsk Reg.)


8th Compartment


1. Captain-Lieutenant Sergey V. Sadilenko – party engineer of control division, navigator’s department (Ukraine)

2. Senior Midshipman Viktor V. Kuznetsov – turbine operator mate (Kursk Reg.)

3. Chief ship’s Petty Officer /under contract/ Robert A. Gesler – turbine section commander (Bashkortostan Rep.)

4. Senior Midshipman Andrey M. Borisov – technician, equipment party, main propulsion division (Ryazan)

5. Seaman Roman V. Martynov – turbine operator (Komi Rep.)

6. Seaman Viktor Yu. Sidiuhin – turbine operator (Komi Rep.)

7. Seaman Yuriy A. Borisov – turbine operator (Komi Rep.)


9th Compartment


1. Senior Lieutenant Aleksandr V. Brazhkin – party engineer of control division, missile department (Crimea Rep.)

2. Midshipman Vasiliy E. Ivanov – head of electricians’ team (Mari El Rep.)

3. Midshipman Mikhail A. Bochkov – technician of bilge party of damage-control division (Crimea Rep.)

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Scottish Festival Aspen, Colorado 2016

If you are near Aspen, Colorado August 6 & 7, 2016 come on out to the Scottish Festival. Cristi, John, and I are here signing books. Hope to see you.





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“WayBack Wednesday” 3 August 2016

I have had many inquiries about this article, and so here it is as this weeks WayBack Wednesday. Are You Ready To Be Rich?

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