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Sunday’s Article

I always listen to you (though sometimes some of you may think otherwise). So, I am postponing my intended article on a personal hero of mine to do a second article on chivalry. I have gotten some great comments and e-mails (along with quite a few views), so I am taking the lance up again. Sunday part two on chivalry.

Have a great week!



People in the Bus for Public Transportation

People in the Bus for Public Transportation (Photo credit: epSos.de) (I wonder if that young man standing gave up his seat to the young woman sitting? I’d like to think so. Joe)

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Titanic 12:25 AM 15 April 1912

Since striking the iceberg the engineers and their men have worked diligently to keep up with the incoming water. Now they can do no more than slow Titanic’s sinking, Titanic will sink.

With this new and dreaded information, Captain Smith orders the lifeboats to be loaded and lowered away, women and children first.

Titanic begins sending distress signals with the corrected position 41 degrees 46 minutes North, 50 degrees 17 minutes West.

Carpathia hears the Titanic distress call.


Titanic Memorial -- Washington (DC) April 2012

Titanic Memorial -- Washington (DC) April 2012 (Photo credit: Ron Cogswell)

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