Titanic 12:01 AM 15 April 1912

In the 20 minutes since Titanic struck the iceberg two tours of the forward part of the ship have been conducted. After the first tour, Captain Smith knew the ship was badly damaged, but according to Chief Officer Bell the pumps could keep up with the water. Captain Smith gave the order for Titanic to move slow ahead. Now, because of the increase in incoming water due to Titanic getting underway again, the pumps can no longer keep up with the incoming water, even after Titanic stops. Titanic will sink.

Captain Smith orders the boats to be uncovered and distress signals to be sent. At 12:25 Captain Smith will order the life boats to be loaded … women and children first.

RMS Titanic Women's Memorial

RMS Titanic Women's Memorial (Photo credit: dbking)


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  1. Thanks for mentioning my article Joe.. I liked yours too. The Titanic is a story that will never go away…


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