Schedule Change

Sunday was suppose to be another article in the series on happiness/karma/meaningfulness.

However, I was talking with a friend, Brenda, about music. You can’t talk about music in the 70s and 80s without talking about Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson.

Well, I have a Michael Jackson/Stevie Wonder/Elizabeth story.

Elizabeth loves to hear family stories about our family. The stories passed down generation to generation. Some many generations old, some just one generation old.

It was while talking with Brenda I realized that along with stories about Preston, Crit (now that’s a southern name for you – Crittenden), and JB; now their are Elizabeth stories too.

One day some toddler is going to look up at dad and say, “Tell me the story about grandma Elizabeth again.”

And maybe, just maybe, the story I have for you on Sunday will be the story that little toddler is talking about.

See you Sunday.

Oh and bring a tissue, Elizabeth will pull your heart strings. She pulled mine.

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