Underway Again.

When you are about to leave on a major voyage everything is different. Even the air feels different. I have always liked going to sea. But on a major voyage everything is different from the moment you wake the day of departure until the next morning. All of the preparations were completed days before. Your thoughts, words, and actions are finely focused but, time feels like it has slowed. The air feels electric. Every time you peer at the sky towards the sea, time pauses. You feel anticipation from deep within you. You are calm and relaxed. You are aware of everything around you, hyper-aware. Yet all your focus is on the job at hand. Each sight, each action, each sound takes on a special insignificance, not to be repeated for weeks or months.

Finally the time has come. You single all lines and take off the gangplank. Then you cast off. Slowly you pull out from dock, out into the channel. You are headed to sea. Passing the bouys to your left and right. As you approach that invisible line between river and ocean the air changes and you can taste the salt in the gentle breeze.

Passing the last bouy, salt air in your face a gentle swell rises to meet you as a calm sweeps over you. Buffeted by the sounds of surf and foul. You look pass the bow to the horizon as you increase to cruising speed.

You are at sea.


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  1. Kathy Hanshaw

    https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.jsA LOVE story….
    It was December 1997, I had just started a New job as Office Manager for a Para-Medic Insurance Company. We increased their Life Insurance Policies.The Company I worked for did business with Major Corporations. The Company’s dealt with Aircraft Companies, Financial Companies such as Banks, or Credit Unions. Even individuals wanting to increase the Own Life insurance. Also, worked With various Insurance Agency in regards to the above affirmations.
    I mostly did much of my job on the phone.
    On my VERY first day, I answered the phone and my first call. On the other end was the voice of the softest, sweetest , yet Manly. Totally Immediately caught me off guard and my interest! Asked me if he could talk to another Co-worker, I said I could help. THAT started 0ne hell of a whirlwind ROMANCE.
    Though Married, unhappily, We knew it was forbidden Love.. We couldn’t Stop it. We didn’t want to. He divorced her.. Not because of infidelity, the sheer fact that He and Her weren’t happy..We got engaged and We went shopping for the perfect Rings. NEVER found one.. Don’t know if we did anything wrong… We did go our separate ways for 3 yrs.. And came full circle..
    By this time, He had cancer We both knew nothing about.. He did find out a year before I was told about his cancer. I was hurt and angry.. He wanted to know why I felt like I did.. I told him with tears that He had made. Decision for me. And, had I known, I’d spent every second, wake or asleep.. He died 6 months later.. I Miss his Chivalry, his hand on the small of my back when we go out for drinks and dancing, I miss his body scent, I miss how I can NOT tell him I Love you and still after 18 yrs, I miss the smell of his skin and the taste of his kisses..