Something A Little Different Today.

No, 1500 word articles or meme’s. Nope not this week. This week is short. This week I am going to ask you to do something. Something that is very hard, hard enough I do not even know if we can go the distance. So, I am going to keep it short.

This past week I witnessed many things that gave me joy. I also witnessed some of the best of the worst we have to offer as a “civilized society.” The surprising thing is that some of the most hateful things came from those who like to tell us how loving they are, some of the most intolerant things came from those always proclaiming how tolerant they are.

So, here it is.

This is what we are going to do starting on Sunday April 19, 2015, and going for 24 hours.

Just you and me. Don’t worry about those other people.

For 24 hours you and I are not going to say anything negative. We are not going to communicate anything negative (yup we are going to rest our middle finger for 24 hours).

When someone really ticks us off, or mistreats us or someone else we are going to do just one thing, and nothing else.


Yup, that’s it. Smile. No words or actions. Just smile.

Then next week, some time during the week, you and I are going to come back here and say how we did for 24 hours.

It’ll be our little secret. Just between you and me.

Good luck!


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