Titanic Photographs, and All Other Topics for that Matter.

This is for the benefit of Ian, and the other individuals who have attempted to use this site for their own benefit.

1. No comment which is disrespectful by word or tone to: the author, a reader or readers, another commenter, this site or anyone associated with it, shall be approved. Derogatory comments or references, bad language, and condescending or sarcastic comments will also not be approved.

2. Stating opinion as fact without accompanying evidence to back up your opinion will also prevent your opinion from being posted.

3. READ PREVIOUS COMMENTS! If the comment you wish to make has already been made and answered, your comment will not be approved, unless you offer something new.

4. Of particular importance to the many Titanic fans. Books and websites are NOT primary source material (read below or follow the provided link for primary source description). If you wish to see a major rewrite of an article then you must provide primary source material to back up your claim.

5. Over the last four years many authors and writers have contributed articles to our website. We do not edit the writers and authors, though we do require them to be respectful of our readers, staff, and those who desire to leave comments. We do give our contributors more leeway as to source material. But, as always not all articles reflect the opinion of this site, the staff, or other contributors. There are more than 400 postings on this site. We do not agree with each and every article, however it is presented for our audience. We are continuing to provide new articles on a variety of topics for our audience every week. Our attention is on the future and we are not going to spend our time answering comments which have already been asked and answered while not providing anything new. Our time is spent on searching for new topics and authors to bring to our audience.

6. There are many people who have spent a lifetime studying the Titanic and the persons and circumstances surrounding that great ship. If you have a theory or opinion (that has not already been addressed on our site) that you would like to put forth state it as such without being condescending or sarcastic, and state that it is your opinion. You will see your comment approved even if we do not agree with it.

7. If you have a Titanic web site which you think some or all of our readers would be interested in please do the following and we will tell our readers about your web site in one of our weekly articles. 1-we do not recommend web sites which are condescending, derogatory, sarcastic, or disrespectful to others. 2-After we determine that your website does not violate number 1 we will write a short article describing what your website has to offer readers, or if you prefer you may write the article and we will post it as our weekly article. 3- leave the following information in a comment (the information will not be released to the public and will be kept in confidence) your full name, the full name and e-mail address of a contact person which someone on our staff may exchange e-mails with, and the address for the website.

8. If you wish to write an article on Titanic or any other topic for our website send us your request as a comment. We will need your full name, e-mail address, and the topic you would like to write on. We will not release any of your information to the public. We will then send you an invitation as a contributor to our site. You will set up your own password and be able to submit your article directly to our editor so that in may be added to the queue of up coming articles. If there is a specific date you would like your article to be published on please include that as a note to the editor at the end of your article. ANY person wishing to write an article for us will be given an opportunity as long as their article remains respectful of others. The only restriction we have is that all articles must be submitted in English. The age, sex, religion, nationality, sexual orientation, political beliefs, and economic class are not considered when accepting articles. If you are old enough to write, you are old enough to write for us. If you can write your article in English, or have someone translate it for you, you can write for us.

9. There are many good websites on the Titanic that we have recommended to readers before and will continue to recommend in the future. Some of these websites have articles we do not agree with, but because the overall site is good and respectful we will continue to recommend them. One of the sites we recommend supports the theory that the Titanic did not complete the “port-around” maneuver that First Officer Murdoch was attempting. We have posted an article using physics to disprove this theory, yet we continue to recommend the site because of its many good articles. Another website puts forward the theory that First Officer Murdoch did absolutely nothing for 30 seconds after being informed of the iceberg ahead of the Titanic. We showed that theory to be incorrect based on the physical limitations of the Titanic’s steam operated steering gear, watch standing procedures, and the laws of physic. This site we also continue to recommend even though we disagree with this one article, because of the many fine articles on the site.

10. PRIMARY SOURCE MATERIAL – original material that has not been changed, altered or distorted in any way that can be traced back to the event(s) or individual(s).

11. SECONDARY SOURCE MATERIAL – uses primary source material as a reference, examples include: books, newspaper & magazine articles, blogs & websites, movies & television programs.


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