Bonded Forever in Spirit – by Ken Kirk

Bonded Forever in Spirit

by Ken Kirk


A reunion in Virginia

I’ll not forget the day

All the buddies I once knew

Had come from far away

We were all in Korea

It seems so long ago

We fought in that strange country

In the bitter cold and snow

Now we’re back together

In a more delightful place

Remembering the days gone by

We made it by God’s grace

Some of us were not so lucky

To be here today

To shake the hands of pals made

In a land so far away

There’s Danielson, Olmstead,

English and Morvac

Kirk and Bowerman, while Kujawski leads the pack

Bortsheller, Moon, Herlong

And names that I’ve forgotten

You see it’s been so long.


Ken is a Korean War veteran. He served in the United States Army, Hq. Co. 1st Bn. 31st Inf. Regt., Korea 1950-1951.

Ken took part in the landing at Inchon and the Battle of Chosen Reservoir.


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