A Tribute to a Brother

Last week I told you a little about Ken Kirk, a Korean War Veteran and survivor of the Battle of Chosin Reservoir. Ken has also written poetry and has graciously given me permission to share some of his poetry with you. So, without further ado.


7Th Infantry Division, Korea 1950

By Ken Kirk

An eternity in a far off land

I met a man that I called Dan

We grew so close me and this man

From Inchon to the frozen Hungnam

Duty called us both to go

To this forsaken inferno

The years fled by so fleetingly

Ole Dan these eyes once more would see

Time had changed us both it’s true

The youth from both of us had flew

We talked of days we both had seen

From memories dimmed, and not too keen

No enemy there, no frozen night

No blistering heat, no battle sight

With parting tears we said goodbye

My eyes were blurred I saw Dan cry

No closer friend under the sun

Than you ole pal, Harlan Danielson


There is a bond between those who have served in the military together. But the strongest bonds are between those who have endured battle together … and survived. To say they are family does not quite explain the bond, though Ken does a better job explaining it in his tribute to his friend than I can. Thank you Ken.

Ken is a Korean War veteran. He served in the United States Army, Hq. Co. 1st Bn. 31st Inf. Regt., Korea 1950-1951.

Ken took part in the landing at Inchon and the Battle of Chosen Reservoir.

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