Father’s Day in May


As many of your already know April is a very hard month for me. But, May? Ah!

Today was the first Kentucky Derby in decades I have not watched, and I didn’t even notice. My baby, my little one, the babe I held in the palm of one hand (in what seemed like just last week) turned nine years old today. My daughter’s birthday is always the best father’s day of the year for me.

Which brings me to a question for all you dad’s out there.

Dad what do you do when your daughter gives you a pink friendship bracelet?




You wear it – of course.

Love you Pumpkin, Happy Birthday Sweetheart.

This one is for you, you will never know how happy you make me.

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  1. Happy Birthday Pumpkin, and what a great dad you are Joe Combs! XO Mon-Cher