Frivolous Sunday

This is our “skipping through Target” day (if you don’t remember what that was click here “Skip to the Lou My Darling“).

Music. (We’ll hit three different kinds today.)

Today I share with you music. I like to listen to almost all kinds of music. I’ll start with a little Mozart. I listen to Wolfgang when I am carving, painting, or sometimes writing. I also listen to Mozart on those days I seem to keep repeating to myself, “Some people are alive, only because it is illegal to kill them!”

Next, the Master.

BB King. (quick what is the name of his guitar?)

Now on to one of my fav rock-n-roll bands — ZZ Top. This is my favorite ZZ Top song (it has a blues flavor to it).

Now for the poll. “American Woman” is one of my favorite rock-n-roll songs. It has a hard edge, electric guitar sound that just screams “American Rock-nRoll Baby.” But, I can’t decide which is my favorite version. I want you to help me out and vote for your favorite version.

(We are not judging the videos just the music.)

Now, go out to the world and spread smiles, humor, and above all … frivolity.

Have a great week.


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  1. Penny K. Lynn

    I read & played ALL of this for your bro. Jeff. He says “Thank you that was cool!” He still doesn’t have a computer but I told him that he can use it one handed. we’ll see. Thanks Joe. My ears are still ringing but anything for my sons! mother