This Sunday’s Article

For almost two months now it seems as if the entire world has been so very serious. I feel sometimes as though a black cloud has descended upon us. Where has our smile and humor gone?

So, this Sunday is going to be “Frivolous Sunday”. I have a few of my favorite things for you too listen too, and then I am going to top our frivolity with a poll. A totally frivolous poll. Our frivolous poll will not give us world peace, feed the hungry, or outlaw criminals, it won’t even sharpen your pencil or make your morning coffee.

Then, all of us will spend the rest of our Sunday being totally frivolous, while smiling at everyone and no one. Let’s hope that this catches on … at least for one day.

So, until Sunday, soldier on my friends.


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2 responses to “This Sunday’s Article

  1. Yes, a bit more levity. I agree!!


  2. Joe, I have selected you for an interview blog hop. I know you don’t normally do these things, but take a look at my post tomorrow for details.