The Great and The Insignificant: Part Two

I had originally planned to follow-up last weeks article with an article on a man I remember from my childhood. A simple task I thought. I would confirm what I already knew and fill in the gaps. It has been a frustrating week trying to get information about him, so I have turned to some experts (keep your fingers crossed). But when I tell you about Dr. Long you will be wondering “Why didn’t I learn about him in school?” He was a truly great, if obscure, man.

However, do not fret. tomorrow’s article will be on another perplexing subject. “The SS Bannockburn – The Flying Dutchman of Lake Superior.”

As someone who is grounded in logic and science, the SS Bannockburn – or rather the legend of the Bannockburn – has evaded me for a logical scientific explanation for years. The article will be published at midnight on the 14th (tonight) I hope you enjoy it. Thank you.

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