Titanic: BREAKING NEWS !!!

The most comprehensive map of the Titanic debris field will be released during an History channel special “Titanic at 100: The Mystery Solved”. To be shown April 15, 2012 8PM EST.

As many of you know, I have never believed all of the generally accepted version of how the Titanic broke-up and sank. This is based on; 1) my experience and training as a mariner 2) my experience and training as an analyst 3) my experience and training in engineering 4) and the evidence that has so far been available.

Parts of the Titanic debris field have been mapped since the ship was first found, in 1985. However, the most comprehensive mapping of the Titanic debris field took place in 2010. Using sonar, a 3 mile by 5 mile area of the debris field was mapped. (There is more to the debris field, I believe, as you will learn in my next few articles).

For some time now, my staff and I have been discussing our options on how best to gain access to the new debris field map, because of the importance it has on my research and my new book “Titanic: The Journey Begins”.We will see what is released and go from there.

From the images released in the press release, there appear to be pieces of funnel in the debris field. However, as you will learn Sunday from my article, this would be from one or more of the other three funnels and not the first funnel.

Below are two links to the news story.

The press release.


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