Titanic: The Only Actual Motion Picture Footage In Existance

This film footage was taken of the Titanic while it was under construction in Belfast, Ireland. Filmed on 3 Feb 1912, Titanic was being moved into drydrock to finish her fitting out. The smokestacks have yet to be painted and “A” deck is not yet enclosed.

There were many newsreels after the sinking of the ship showing Olympic as the Titanic. All film footage of Captain Smith on the “Titanic” in his white uniform was actually taken on Olympic the year before, as they had not changed to white uniforms before Titanic sank.

We will also be sharing the 1912 Newsreel footage which was shown in movie theaters. With no television, newspapers and newsreel footage at theaters was how most people learned of news events in 1912.

Here is the only actual motion picture film footage of Titanic. http://youtu.be/1YQ2nPhV5PU

Captain Edward Smith went down with his ship.

Captain Edward Smith went down with his ship. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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