Titanic In Southampton

Titanic dressed ship for Good Friday 1912. The only time Titanic dressed ship.

Dressed ship means that Titanic flew all of her signal flags from bow to stern over each mast. The flags are flown in an exact order. Ships are only dressed for holidays and special occasions. Titanic dressed ship once, this was while the ship was in Southampton for Good Friday before she began her maiden voyage.

Titanic's Officers

The above photograph is of Titanic’s officers when she left Southampton. The roster of officers was changed after the ship left Belfast.

We have a presentation for Titanic’s start of her maiden voyage, which includes more than 40, original, black & white images of Titanic leaving Southampton, England. We will be posting this as soon as it is ready.

11 April 2012: The video is now ready. Follow the link to witness Titanic departing Southampton, England. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JlAOkoQlQHs

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