R.M.S. Titanic Centennial Observance Event

R.M.S. Titanic Centennial Observance Event

Titanic: The Journey Begins

R.M.S. Titanic got underway on her own power for the first time on 2 April 1912, and proceeded to Belfast Lough for sea trials. To commemorate the R.M.S. Titanic and those who sailed on her, we are announcing an event, “Titanic: The Journey Begins”, will bring you Titanic’s progress from leaving for sea trials to the loss of the ship. Each event in the short life of R.M.S. Titanic will be announced at the exact time it took place 100 years ago.

Also, as a part of “Titanic: The Journey Begins” we will bring you a guest author, a talk related to Titanic, movies (some you have probably never seen), photos (some not seen often), 1912 news reels from the loss of Titanic, door prizes, free downloads, and more. As we get closer to April we will announce more details.

R.M.S Titanic

R.M.S Titanic (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

30 March 2012: 2 April 1912 Titanic signed her first members of the crew and departed for sea trials in Belfast Lough. This is the day that Titanic was officially turned over to the White Star Line. This is the day we will begin our Centennial Observance. Each event in the Titanic’s short life will be marked at the exact time it happened 100 years ago, with releases. If you would like a notice for each event click on the “follow” link at the bottom of the page. Unfortunately we will not be able to send a press release at the exact historic moment; but everyone who is following us on this website, or through facebook, linkedin, and twitter will receive a notice of the scheduled release at the exact time that event took place 100 years ago. There will be a link on this page to everything that we release for the Centennial Observance so you may also come back at your leisure and see what you missed.

After our Centennial Observance is completed, this page and the entire event, will be available under the RMS Titanic tab which you may access from our home page.

Guest Author: Our guest author for this event will be B.G. Burdette ( you may find her website “Map of Time, A Trip Into the Past” at the following link http://jgburdette.wordpress.com/ ) we will announce at a later time the release of her article, which is both entertaining and educational. We would like to thank Ms. Burdette for her contributions to our Centennial Observance event, the quality of her writing speaks for itself.

FREE STUFF: During this event there will be free downloads and give-aways. To be eligible for the give-aways you need to make a comment on this page during the time period specified for that give away (it will be in each announcement). We will make a comment to the winning comment with the contact information so you may find out how to get your prize. You will have 48 hours from the time of our announcement of the winner to claim your prize. Our web-host does have a spam filter to prevent other sites from using the comments section for “free advertising” of their site, so just make a quick comment about what you like, don’t like or would like to see and you will clear the spam filter.

All winners are chosen at random, what you comment will not effect your chances of winning, good luck and thank you for being with us for this event.


flag of the White Star Line Polski: flaga Whit...

House flag of the White Star Line (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

2 April 1912 – 2 April 2012: “Titanic Underway On Her Own Power, For The First Time” the first article in our R.M.S. Titanic Centennial Observance Event. click on the shortlink to read the article:  http://wp.me/P1MLkF-j7

3 April 2012: FREE DOWNLOAD: click on the link for your free download: http://wp.me/P1MLkF-ku

9 April 2012: Titanic motion picture film footage. Taken on 3 Feb 2012 while Titanic was under construction it is the only motion picture film footage that was taken of Titanic: http://wp.me/P1MLkF-nI

10 April 2012: Titanic In Southampton: the start of her maiden voyage: http://wp.me/P1MLkF-o0

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