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Tragedy in the Desert

This past week SpaceShipTwo crashed during testing killing pilot Michael Tyner Alsbury, he was 39 years old. My condolences go out to Mr. Alsbury’s family and to everyone at Virgin Galactic.

Mr. Alsbury and those at Virgin Galactic are pushing the envelope of our capabilities. It is sad to lose someone courageous such as Michael Alsbury. Sir Richard Branson vows to find out what caused the crash, and I have no doubt he will.

Unfortunately, Mr. Alsbury was not our first loss while pushing the envelope of human capabilities, and he will not be the last. Just in the 20th century we had accidents such as Titanic, Hindenburg, USS Thresher, Apollo 1, and Space Shuttles Challenger and Columbia.

We will mourn his loss and admire his courage. But, we will also honor his spirit and continue to advance our knowledge and abilities. And we will do it because of men like Richard Branson and Michael Tyner Alsbury.

Fair winds and following seas Michael.

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