A Grandfather’s Legacy

 A Grandfather's Legacy


A story about a families sacrifice during the civil war and the funny conclusion that makes their abolitionists sacrifices moot. My family has a long line of storytellers. This story (I’ve confirmed it by the way) my grandfather always told about our struggle against slavery and a historic event that trumped their efforts.

Reviews from Barnes & Noble readers (click to go to my B & N page)

Elizabeth30                         love                                                5 stars

Posted August 28, 2011    Love is something most only say about family. But, to open your heart to others in hard times is a value of love that can’t be measured. I love this book. I wish more people had thought with their heart instead of their wallets.

Anonymous                         Great story                                  4 stars

Posted July 7, 2011            I only wish it were a full book. Reading about the chances others are willing to take to help his fellow man is always touching. This is very sure but I highly recommend it. I will be looking for this author’s other works to find out what else is a family thing.

jjcb                                                     No                                          1 star

Posted October 5, 2011    Poorly written.

9365398                                            Short but filled.               4 stars

Posted August 18, 2011   Short, but I liked it. It was very thoughtful and lovely. Honestly, I would be interested in reading it fully book of this.

Anonymous                                     good short story              4 stars

Posted December 17, 2011  Good short story. Brings back good memories of setting

Anonymous                                                                                   4 stars

Posted December 28, 2011  No text was provided for this review.

Anonymous                                                                                   3 stars

Posted November 22, 2011  No text was provided for this review.

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