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Joe C Combs 2nd signing books

Joe C Combs 2nd signing books


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10 responses to “Contact Us

  1. Bob Byers

    I am wondering where the Snake Island Light that played a part in the life of the BANNOCKBURN is(was) located.


  2. Dana Tibbitts

    Great site Joe. Especially appreciate your page on the USS Macon… super pics! My grandfather designed the hook on mechanism (for the Akron) and narrowly missed going down with that ship. Then hooked up with Macon for her trip to Sunnyvale. Sent my dad this link – that pic of trapeze hook under water is pretty crazy! We are working on the book about his life as the Navy’s foremost test pilot in a century on naval aviation…This was a fascinating chapter in the life of Frederick M. Trapnell, a Lt. during his time about Macon. Those Sparrowhawks were pretty tight quarters, especially for a bit guy like my grandfather. They said he pulled it on like a pair of pants. Thanks for sharing!
    Dana (Trapnell) Tibbitts


    • Wow! That’s all I can say. I would have loved to have met your grandfather, and I can’t wait for your book.
      If you would like to do an article for our web site let us know how to reach you.
      Also, let us know when the books comes out and we can do a review, I know our readers would love to read it.
      Anything we can do, let us know Dana. Reading your comment was a real pleasure!
      Very Respectfully,


  3. Clive Cussler

    Dear Joe,

    Enjoy your work. The article on the Hunley, Spence and Cussler was well written. I’ve enjoyed his rants and raves since the recovery. I especially enjoy Lee’s wild claims, they’re very creative. Did you know he spent a year in jail for stealing Audibon prints from the Charleston Museum, is currently married to his sixth wife, was under psychiatric treatment during the trial, and is not a doctor of anything. He gave the degree to himself. I enjoy all the nasty things he says about me. We all need someone to take the wind out of our sails occasionally

    All the best,

    Clive Cussler


    • Thank you for the comment, and thank you for your many books. Most important thank you for the huge contributions you have made to prevent our maritime history from being lost forever. Good luck to you and much continued success.


  4. bob hughes

    I served on Scorpio from Jan 65 until Aug 67. I have my own opinion of how she sunk. I have not seen my theory printed anywhere yet.


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