Sunday’s Article … “I Found My Lance Chivalry Part 3”

English: A Palmetto Glade Near Palatka, Florida.

English: A Palmetto Glade Near Palatka, Florida. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This Sunday’s article will be from a Southern perspective. Mine. I am a Southerner who has spent 20 years in self-imposed exile. The first thing I learned about living in the north, is that there are plenty of people who treat you like you are stupid as soon as they find out you are a Southerner (not all northerners, just some). It does not matter how smart you are (my IQ is over 160) they still treat you like you are stupid. The first thing I did was work hard on losing the Southern accent (I didn’t know I had one until I moved north). Then I started to pull back on everything my family, neighbors, teachers, and other adults in Palatka, Florida taught me as a child growing up in the South, just so I would “fit in” with northerners.

There is a bible verse that says something to the effect “raise your child right and they will return to it when they are older.”

Official seal of Palatka, Florida

Official seal of Palatka, Florida (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

That is just what Palatka did, and I am returning too it. Of course, “you can take the Southerner out of the South, but you can never take ALL of the South out of the Southerner.” So, I didn’t hide from everything, and it will be easier for me to get back to who I am.

This Sunday’s article will be what that little Southern town taught me about being a man, and what my responsibilities are as man. In other words this Sunday’s article will be about Southern Chivalry.

Sunday Morning

Sunday Morning (Photo credit: jspaw)

So, until we meet Sunday, have a chivalrous day.



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  3. Yeah, leave your South in there! I loved going to Kentucky for 2 weeks in the summer as a kid because I came home with an accent and I loved the people there.


  4. J. G. Burdette

    Regarding how Southerners are treated by Northerners—I had once read this had something to do with accents/dialects/manner of speaking. Supposedly because some Southerners spoke more slowly than Northerners they were considered dumb. I don’t think that way (boy would I be in trouble since the majority of my ancestors were Southerners), but found it curious.


    • I agree with you, I think it is the slower speech. I know of a man with a PhD who is called “Bubba” in the office because of his Southern accent (He works in the mid-west).


  5. Can’t wait! Altho…I’m from Detroit and I left to come to SoCal when I was 14 and I NEVER want to go back, and never have! Looking forward to your words.


    • I understand your thoughts on Detroit. I grew up in Florida and will only go back for visits. Right now I’m thinking about Georgia, Alabama, Mississippi, and Tennesse.