The People Who Are Important To You

This is a bit of personal advice. It is also something all of us need to be reminded of from time to time. So, without breaking any confidences, I am going to share it with you too.

“People make time for people who are important to them.”

Telling someone how busy you are, or that you are going through a rough time and don’t want to talk about it is a good start. Explaining that, when things get bad you tend to withdraw, is good to say. Many people do that, myself included.

But it is your actions that speak loudest. Friends, family, “tribe”, anyone you care about can only take it for so long no matter how much someone cares about you. The words without action become meaningless over time.

Sometimes it is really hard to talk. When you’ve been hurt before by people you trusted it can be almost impossible to be vulnerable again. The only people who can betray you are the ones you care about, but not everyone you care about will betray you.

You need to find a way to open up with words and deeds. Even those who care for you the most will only take being shut out for so long before they give up and move on.

Do not needlessly lose a friend or loved one that you do not want to lose. Because once someone has decided to move on – that’s it, they’re gone. And your chances of repairing things are worse than winning the lottery.

One other thing you are not thinking about. What if something happened to that person tonight? The memes have become cliche “tell people how you feel about them now, tomorrow might be too late.” The memes are cliche but the message is not. What if something happened to that person or to you? Are you happy leaving things where they are now? “Man up” now. Tell that person how you feel good, bad, or indifferent before that opportunity is taken away from you by a closed casket or a turned back.

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