Father’s Day 2018 & “The Gentleman Muscle Car”

That’s what they call it, and all you motorheads will know what I’m talking about.

At first I thought I was getting home late Sunday morning. But as it turned out I got home just in time for Kenny to take his big block 1968 Chrysler Monaco 500 out for a spin.

As you can tell Kenny’s done a lot of work already and the refinishing is almost done. He purchased this gem from the original owner. The car is rare and most of the parts have to be fabricated.

A quick look at the taillights and you’ll know this car was made at the beginning of the model year. It’s the only one in Kansas. For a car that is only 6 years younger than I am it still has plenty of power.

Chrysler changed the taillights midway through the model year to a different style.

Runs like a champ.

The Chrysler emblem is normally silver, but the big blocks have a gold emblem.

The only thing not original is the teach Kenny added.

This one has a cigarette lighter in the back, also rare.

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