My Priority Readjustment

Yeah, it’s time. For far too long I’ve let too many people occupy too much of my time.


They come to me for help, advice, or both. One of my weaknesses has always been my inability to tell people no. I’ve had times when people helped me, and for that I will always be grateful. Particularly for those who took it upon themselves to notice and step up without any word from me when I was determined to “go it alone”. But I also know what it is like to need help and to have no one to turn to. That is the primary reason I have a hard time telling people no.

So, why the sudden change? First it is not sudden. It is something I have been contemplating for months. Second, and more important, those who matter the most are the ones who pay the highest price for my altruism. Not to mention the strain on me as well.

Those closest to me know how important they are to me. A perfect example of one is my daughter. But for far too long they have been settling for less than they should have to.

Also, some of those who come to me seem to keep coming back for the same issues over and over again. Those who have sought me out know I always keep their confidences. Even when I post something for someone on social media I never tag them or give any indication that the post is anything other than something I just felt like posting. While I am sure some (the ones the posts were intended for) appreciated the gesture, that too has caused issues as well, as other people have mistakenly thought the posts were about them, and some times that fall-out has been huge, even though mistaken. Have you ever tried to tell an upset person they were NOT the target of a post? Yeah, it never works.

So, I will be pulling back more, doing less for the many, and more for the few. Also, I am going to put more thought and planning into this next move than I did the last.

So, to those few closest to me, I am sorry for the high price you have had to pay. And, though old habits are hard to break, you will be getting more from me.

To everyone else? I will always keep what was said in confidence, you never have to worry about that. To anyone I have made a promise to? You still have my word, I always keep my promises.

This is just a priority readjustment, one that is long overdue. A time for a new direction and a time for showing not telling those closest to me just how important they are.



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4 responses to “My Priority Readjustment

  1. I know it is a hard commitment, a difficult change. When I had my stroke in 2010, I changed personalities. I went from very passive and most “I will do anything” to difficult and picky when it came/comes to helping. Even though that was a chemical-like change, I don’t regret it – pressure lower, so bp is lower, less stress so I fee better. All in all, it will probably keep my newer grumpier self around longer for me to enjoy.