I’m Back

As you noticed I took a year off. I am back and feeling good. I’ll fill you in with my first post. Look for it before the end of the year.


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2 responses to “I’m Back

  1. So glad you are back. My year has been interesting as well. I posted about it yesterday. Feel free to look it up and catch up.


  2. Spooner

    Hi Joe,

    Nice to hear you are back again. I can reassure you the subject of the Titanic is far from dead yet! They just keeping digging up more new evident on the coal bunker fire and other issues to. If your require any article on the subject please let me know. My visit to Belfast in September was an eye open. Two days after the brand new hotel named the TITANIC HOTEL was open. The original Harland & Wolff drawing rooms restored and the old H&W officer building turned into a hotel next to the TITANIC Quarter building. Which has a turnover of over a 100,000 visitors per year. The tender ship NORMDIC is restored setting in the original dry HAMITLTON dock with the dry dock floating vessel cession gate. The oldest vessel number 50 built by H&W in 1867. The Thompson dry dock were the OLYMIC followed by TITANIC were finished off was most impressive when you are down at the basement level. 100 feet wide looking up at 40 feet high wall 900 feet long knowing there is another 20 feet of concrete under you and wall foundation of 30 feet wide. Dug out by bucket and spade 40 feet below water table level quite some engineering achievement. In the Alexandra dry dock next Thompson dock is the HMS Caroline cruiser battle ship built in 1914 in service for 97 years and still a float after 104 year. Well worth a visit. She was the state of art new technology of her day. Speed of 30 knots with six Parsons super heated dry steam turbines four screw propellers with oil fired boilers!

    All best wishes of the season,