“WayBack Wednesday” A Look Back at One of Your Favorites: Jan 20, 2016

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2 responses to ““WayBack Wednesday” A Look Back at One of Your Favorites: Jan 20, 2016

  1. Hi Joe ,
    Do you know how much the following costs to build these items?
    1. Arrol Gantry.
    2. Widening and deepening the river Lagan to launch the Titanic & Olympic ships.
    3. Two new tender ships Nomadic & Traffic.
    4. New drawing office & power supply.
    5. If the Olympic cost £1.5 pounds, how much more for the Titanic?

    Best regards,


    • Ok, let’s do first things first.
      First – this article has nothing to do with the Titanic. If you want Titanic readers to see your comments you really need to put them on Titanic articles.
      Second – You have listed items that are paid for and owned by different groups. The River Lagan at the request of Harland & Wolff. But neither Harland & Wolff or White Star Line paid for that.
      Third – The Arrol Gantry, the new drawing office, and power supply were not built ONLY for the Titanic and Olympic. The shipyard was expanding. These improvements allowed H&W to build other large ships for other shipping companies as well. The improvements also allowed the shipyard to do work on ships they did not build. The cost of these improvements were spread out over many years and many ships both new construction and overhaul.
      Fourth – though the Nomadic and Traffic were specifically build for the Olympic class of ships they served many White Star Line liners for many years. Once again spreading out the cost over many years.

      The Titanic was just one ship built by Harland & Wolff. In 150 years H&W built more than 3,000 ships. So while Titanic is the ship that gets the most attention, it is a mere drop in the bucket when you look at the history of H&W. H&W has built many ships for many shipping lines.

      White Star Line continued for decades after the Titanic sank before it was bought out by the Cunard Line. The Cunard Line, like Harland & Wolff is still in business today.

      The Atlantic ocean was not the only ocean White Star ships sailed. The United States, Britain, France, and Ireland were not the only countries serviced by White Star Ships. New York was not the only port White Star serviced in the United States. Olympic and Titanic were not the only ships scheduled to service New York. The Olympic class of ships (all three of them) were intended to be the flagships of the company, but not the only ships of the company.

      Too often when the name Titanic comes up we look at Titanic under a microscope to the exclusion of the bigger picture. If we use a telescope to look at the entire time, the entire industry, the entire White Star Line, the entire Harland & Wolff we get a much more fully developed picture of the Titanic. This also helps us to see the flaws in theories that otherwise might seem plausible.

      Best wishes,