Super Plane

On Saturday during thanksgiving break I went on a trip to South Carolina.

My dad’s old friend that he grew up with (named Martha) let us stay at her house in the guest bedroom, she treated us like family. She also made it possible for me and my dad to go see the super plane with the pilot named Chris and his wife named Jen.

Chris gave me, my dad, and Martha a tour INSIDE of a really cool plane first when we got in there was a lady in uniform saying watch the rollers or you’ll slip and fall on your behind. At first I thought to myself ‘’rollers what are rollers?’’ Well I asked a question and I got an answer. Rollers were the things on the floor that rolled back and forth on the ground. I guessed it was so it would be easier to get the big crates around the plane but just to be sure I asked Chris and it was just as I suspected.

I asked a lot of questions and got to see the second floor that I called the top deck. It was where the pilots would steer the plane. There was also two bunks behind the pilot chairs, I got to sit in them!

One of the questions I asked was about a device that if oxygen was escaping you you’d press a couple of buttons (I guess they would get the oxygen flowing or something) and then pull a mask over your head.

It was a really cool and a really big plane and I mean SUPER BIG.


I would like to say thanks to Martha for making it all possible, thanks to Chris for showing me around the plane, thanks to Jen for being super nice and helpful, and thanks to my dad for giving me the opportunity to write this article… also thanks for listening. : )


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