The Most Expensive Gift You Can Give.

The Most Expensive Gift You Can Give.

You might think it is a little early for me to talk about gifts, but many stores were already decorating for Christmas before October was even here.

So, if you would like to give that special someone the most precious gift you can, here it is.

Give them you. No, I am not talking about proposing marriage (but you can do that if you want). I am talking about giving them your time – undivided, completely, and totally – with your mouth closed.

The next time someone talks to you, stop what you are doing and then turn towards them with your body and look at their face. Listen to their words, not so you can think of what you will say in response. Listen to them so you can hear them and understand them. Watch their facial expressions and how they communicate with their hands and their body. Do not respond, just listen. Try to understand what they are saying as if you WERE them.

Those seconds or minutes, that is the most precious gift. Your time, once it is gone, it is gone forever. Each second of your life is precious and can never be retrieved, so spend it wisely.

If you want to give someone the most expensive gift you can? Listen to them completely and totally, with no thought to what you will say, but with all your thoughts used to comprehend what they are saying.

That is the most precious gift you can give to anyone.




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  1. Agreed. I try, but sometimes I fall short of complete surrendering. I am looking to help or whatever by replying.