The Cartaphilus Saga: book #2 Passionis

Here are the mockups for the cover. I am so excited I just had to share them with you. When I receive the final versions I’ll share them too.





You know when people read a book they think of the author. But a book is really a team effort. Yes, the book is my idea and I wrote the book myself, but there is so much more to publishing a book and getting it into your hands.

Genevieve and AJ work with me on every Cartaphilus book. Genevieve does the editing and AJ the cover magic. Then there are my beta readers, Cristi, Kim, Katy , Martha and a few others. I use different beta readers for each book but they are still important. They are my test readers. They are an advocate for you. We all work to give you an enjoyable read and we all have to put our best effort forward to give you the best read we can.

I am very fortunate to have the team I do, I am very fortunate and proud to work with these ladies. As we get closer to publishing the first book in “The Judas Effect” series I’ll introduce you to the team that is working on those books as well ~ another team of talented women.

I do not want to give away the story. But I will say that the second Cartaphilus book takes you through from the end of the first book to the eruption of Mount Vesuvius at Pompeii, while you learn more about Cartaphilus and see a side of him you did not see in the first book as he falls in love, marries and becomes a dad. All of that while running from the Roman authorities and starting a successful shipping company.

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PS Here are the covers for the first Cartaphilus book that AJ did.


The Cartaphilus Saga: book #1 Amissio

The Cartaphilus Saga:
book #1 Amissio



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