A Walk in the Forest

At the Writers Guild a couple of weeks ago we had a writing exercise. A one word prompt & 15 minutes to write 250 words. Here is mine.

A Walk in the Forrest

David didn’t know what he was going to do. They were out in the middle of a forest and Lisa now lay on the ground maybe dying. How was he supposed to know she was allergic to bees or that they would stumble upon a swarm of them in the middle of the trail? Fortunately he was able to get her away from the bees to relative safety. He laid her down on her back her head slightly elevated. But she was unresponsive.
He needed some way of getting help. The phone would be of no use and they had not seen anyone in over an hour. He decided to walk an ever expanding circle around Lisa. He didn’t want to go too far from her. But he needed to get her help as soon as possible. He walked as far from Lisa as he felt safe. He saw no people or anything he felt would get them help.
Maybe he would see something from a tree top. He chose the tallest tree near Lisa and began his climb. Near the top of the tree he spotted something. He saw a ranger station close enough he could make out the windows in the top of the tower. He needed to contact them somehow.
David thought better when he smoked. Pulling out his Zippo and cigarettes he realized he had the answer in his hand. He angled the lighter to reflect the sun at the ranger station. He flashed SOS.

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