What’s Your Dream?

There was once a kid named Jim living in Texas. Jim loved baseball and had been playing since he was three years old. He dreamed of being a major league baseball player. By the time he was in high school he was going to a small town school that did not have a baseball team. But, he did not give up his dream. After he graduated from high school he tried out in the amateur draft as a pitcher (his fastball was 85 miles an hour). The amateur draft is an open tryout where anyone can just walk up and give it their best shot. Jim was the 466th overall picked, drafted by the New York Yankees. But Jim did not sign. Instead he tried out again the next year and was picked fourth overall by the Milwaukee Brewers.

As with all new ball players, he was placed on one of the Milwaukee’s minor league teams. He had several arm injuries and was released by Milwaukee and picked up by the Chicago White Sox. But still he was not able to rise above single A minor league. Jim retired from baseball and became a teacher.

While a teacher he also coached his school’s baseball team. Ten years after leaving professional baseball Jim was coaching a team that had several talented ballplayers on it. But the team was not motivated (baseball took a back seat to football in the community) and was struggling. Jim was encouraging them not to give up, but his players pointed out that he gave up on his baseball career. The coach and the team struck a deal, if the team would win the district title, Jim would try out for baseball again.

The team did something no baseball team from that school had done before – they won the district title. A man of his word, Jim tried out for baseball again. Men Jim’s age, 35, are not rookies. At 35 most baseball players are retiring. The scout was not interested in Jim, but decided to let him tryout so Jim could keep his promise to his team. What happened next was shocking to everyone specially Jim. Jim threw twelve consecutive 98 mile an hour fastballs.

Jim was offered a contract with the Tampa Bay Devil Rays and sent to the double A Orlando Rays. After just a few games Jim was moved up to the triple A Durham Bulls. Shortly after that he was called up to “The Big Show.” Finally, 20 years after a young high school kid dreamed of being a major league pitcher, Jim pitched his first game as a professional major league baseball player. Jim stuck out his first batter in four pitches. Jim pitched in the major leagues for two years, but his arm injuries returned and he retired from baseball. At an age when men are ending their baseball careers not starting them, Jim went after his dram one more time and made his dream a reality.

What is your dream?

So, why is it a dream, why are you not doing it?

If Jim can do it, if I can do it – you can do it!

No more excuses, no more wishes, you are never defeated until you quit.

Now go out there and make your dream a reality!

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