The Women I Am Grateful To

I want to start by talking about writing first. Many people have misconceptions about what writing is and is not, even writers. I do three different types of writing and each is very different.

The first type of writing I do is my blog. Yup, right here what you are reading. My blog is a lot like the conversations you and I would have when we are sitting in my living room. Our topics are all over the place, and they are very informal. We can talk about history, bullies, bad economy, our heroes or whatever comes up. And, being informal, I do not worry as much about the mechanics of writing (grammar & spelling). I want to be factual on my blog, but it is about passion – those things that are important to me that I care about.

The next kind of writing I do has many names, most common are freelance or copywriting. A person or a company needs advertising or articles. I do the work, no byline or credit, no royalties and they pay me when they accept it. They own the copyright. It is not my favorite kind of writing to do, but it pays the bills. As my other writing starts paying more I will be cutting back on the amount of copywriting I do. This kind of writing is more formal or technical, a lot of emphasis on grammar, spelling and facts.

The third kind of writing I do are my short stories and books – you know, creative writing. This is my favorite kind of writing. This is also the one that is a “team sport.” This kind of writing is everything the first two are and more. The passion and plot are what brings the readers in. But if the pace of the story is not good, or the spelling & grammar are incorrect, I’ll lose my reader. There is so much going on and for a book you are doing it for tens of thousands or hundreds of thousands of words. It can be quite difficult to do everything yourself when you are dealing with those many words, and no writer should try. Then when you are finally finished you need a cover that will attract the reader’s attention while telling them what to expect inside.

I have a team I work with for my creative writing. I was looking for people who I work well with and who understand my vision of my work; people who can give me what I envision or even improve on my idea while staying with the concept. When I started looking for my team members I had no idea who I was going to end up with, what they would be like, or how many there would be. I have four women who understand what I see for my work, they understand my message, and they help me put my best foot forward.

So without further ado here is my team and the first two books we have finished together.

The Cartaphilus Saga: book #1 Amissio

The Cartaphilus Saga:
book #1 Amissio











The Cartaphilus Saga: book #1 Amissio

Editor: Genevieve Graham ( )

Illustrator: A.J. Corza

Ebook release: March 27, 2015

Paperback release: Scheduled for May 2015

Hardback release: Scheduled for June 2015

The H.L. Hunley: Its life and controversies

The H.L. Hunley:
Its life and controversies

The H.L. Hunley: Its life and controversies

Editor: Kimberly Martinez

Illustrator: Margo Freed

Ebook release: Scheduled for May 2015

Paperback release: Scheduled for June 2015

Hardback release: Scheduled for July 2015

Without the work of these four women my creative work would never see the light of day. This truly is a collaborative team effort.

Kim, Gen, AJ, and Margo, thank you. All four of you have done outstanding work, and I truly appreciate your efforts. Thank you!

You will see many more books from these four women.

Saturday May 9, 2015, I will have print copies of both of those books (these are pre-release copies) plus my book Titanic, A Search For Answers, available at the Wichita Novel Experience. I’ll post the details Wednesday. So, come by Saturday pick up your autographed copy and chat with me for a while. See you Saturday.

Oh ~ and I also have a surprise that you will not be able to get anywhere else, so see you Saturday.

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