Sometimes, You Just Have to do, What You Have to do.

Sometimes, you just have to do what you have to do. A phrase used to excuse so many actions we do, that it has become cliché. This is something that is a little different from what we normally associate with this phrase.

When you are having a problem and nothing seems to be going your way. Finances, home, work, or anything really; do something for someone else. I believe, and I know you have heard others say, “What you send out, comes back to you.” You do not have to believe this though. Let me tell you another reason why this is so important for you to do when you need to jump start your life.

By doing something for someone else you are doing two things:

1-You are taking your mind off of your problems.

You are clearing your mind. When anything dominates your thinking it will pass from the point where it is helpful, to a point where it paralyzes your thinking and action. At this point, nothing you do seems to help. Your mental states spirals into frustration.

Clearing your mind, and then looking back towards your problem, will help you see your situation from a knew place. This will let you see more clearly what you must do to get your life going in the direction you want it to go again.

2-By helping another person you are telling your subconcious mind, your problem solving mind, “As bad as things are for me, this other person is in a more dire position than I am.”

This is good for you for several reasons. Most importantly, you are helping another person. You are telling your subconcious mind that your problems are not as large as you think. You are also giving a better prospective to yourself of your problems, and where your problems fit into the world around you. You will feel better about yourself; no matter how bad things are, you could still take the time to help another person.

As, you go back to your own life, you now feel better about yourself, and your problems do not seem as large. When you get to this point, you can now solve your problem, and get back to the success you deserve.

This really does work. I’m speaking from my own personal experience. I have given away my last dollar to someone I felt had greater need, only to have my own financial needs resolved.

It will work for you. Please try this for me. You deserve the peace of mind and sense of accomplishment your generoscity will give you.


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