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In my articles I always try to give you the best information I can. When I find a good book or article that gives you additional information on a topic I have written about, I post links or at least give you the information so you can check it out for yourself.

Recently we joined the Amazon Services LLC Associates Program, so now when I recommend a book to you, if you follow the link from my site and buy the book, Amazon will pay me a small fee for the service. I won’t be moving to the Hamptons any time soon. But, this will help me spend more time on research and writing (every little bit helps). I put a statement about this on my “About” page, but I wanted to make sure you knew this. I always want to be open with you and above board. I enjoy our Sunday mornings and enjoy reading your comments and e-mails. Even though I do not always get the chance to answer, I do read everything.

Thank You!


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