Respect & Our Employees

Last Sunday we talked about our government and it’s lack of respect for the laws of this country. This week I am not going to take another six minutes to discuss our politicians. But I do wish to make a point about respect and our leaders. If we expect our leaders to respect us, our laws, and the government of which we have hired them to be a part of, we need to ensure we hire people who have a history of respect.

How do we know if we are voting for people who have a history of respect? Look at how they treat the most important people (or the ones who should be the most important) in their lives.

I begrudge no one a mistake. I have made many mistakes over the course of my life time and have many more yet to come. But, I want to share something some one told me a long time ago:

“You never repeat mistakes,

The first time it is a mistake,

The second time it is a choice”

Some of our politicians made a mistake, and some have been making a choices.

Sad, but true.

Sad, but true.

Some of these politicians have chosen to disrespect their spouses repeatedly. They know (or should know) they will be found out. They know how much the betrayal and public humiliation hurt their spouse the last time their infidelity was made public. Yet, they choose to do it again. I can understand and forgive a mistake, but repeated wrongs are a choice.

There are many politicians who have chosen things other than cheating on a spouse to display their disrespect for us to us. Some repeatedly get caught taking bribes, selling influence, using illegal drugs and many other things that are illegal or display a lack of respect for other people. If they do not respect their family, they will never respect us and our laws, only the ones they like.

They may do many things you like while they are in office. But they have also allowed the NSA to illegally break federal and constitutional laws without so much as an apology for doing so. It is time to fire these ungrateful dishonest employees of our’s. Tell your friends, co-workers, neighbors and family. Write, write letters to your local news agencies and outlets. And most important, vote them out of office – even if it means voting for someone who is a member of a party you have never voted for before.

SPECIALLY if it means voting for a person who is a member of a party you have never voted for before. If enough people cross political party lines to fire these employees of ours, the rest of them will get the message. They violate our laws and allow others to violate our laws because it is our fault, we have allowed them to get away with it for too long.

Can We really make a difference? Yes, we can. I have friends across the spectrum on politics. These friends are so diverse that they agree on nothing … except that our government is out of control and no longer respects the law. When extreme liberals and extreme conservatives are saying the same thing, the time to act is now.

Thank You,

Joe C Combs II

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