And the Winner is …

As a writer, peer awards are prized. An award by others in your field is a stamp of approval that you are doing all the technical things correctly (a big relief, and also hard to self-judge).

However, a reader’s choice award is the most humbling, encouraging, and rewarding. Writers and authors write for you the reader (and for ourselves) and sometimes it is very hard for us to know if we are succeeding. A reader’s choice award is that approval.

I would like to thank Ms. Walsh and Ms. Burdette for helping to make our web site a better web site. I would also like to extend to both of the authors an open invitation to contribute to our web site in the future.

Thank you ladies you have both been greatly appreciated by us all.

And now the winner of the 2012 Reader’s Choice Award goes to:

Ms. J.G. Burdette

Congratulations J.G.

Please join me in commending Ms. Burdette and Ms. Walsh.

Award Certificate. 2012 Reader's Choice Award.

Award Certificate. 2012 Reader’s Choice Award.

2012 Reader's Choice Award.Web Badge

2012 Reader’s Choice Award.
Web Badge


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2 responses to “And the Winner is …

  1. Very nice, Joe. You are right, when the readers select the recipient of an award it is special.


  2. J. G. Burdette

    I’m very humbled. Thank you, everyone!

    As for contributing to your website in the future, I may just take you up on that.