Guest Author on Sunday

This Sunday we have a special guest author, Emily Walsh.

If you have served or are serving in the United States military, or if you know someone who is, you will want to print off a copy of this article (I already printed a copy for myself).

This weeks article has important information about medical care and prevention for military and their families (active, reserve, and veterans). But this isn’t just for military and their families, Ms. Walsh has included information and links that can be helpful and informative for everyone. Concise, well written, and to the point, thank you for a well written article Emily.

I also want to thank Emily for all that she does for our military, their families, and our veterans. People like Emily never cease to amaze me with all of their tireless efforts for people they do not even know, they have made and continue to make a huge difference in the lives of people everyday.

Thank you Emily Walsh, and as we used to say in the Navy “Bravo Zulu Shipmate” (job well done).

Very Respectfully,


P.S. My article for 9 December is titled “I Believe”. It is a short history of one of my favorite holiday figures, including the “why” for some of the traditions that accompany this jolly fellow.

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