Building a paper Titanic

For all of you Titanic fans. 🙂

Enchanted Seashells by Princess Rosebud

When he’s home,  after he catches up on his sleep, my captain likes to have projects to keep busy, whether it’s around the house or something creative. He’s made some awesome shelves in the living room and our bedroom, done a whole lot of house painting (inside and out).  The last time he was home for a few months, he found a paper model of the Titanic (he’s fascinated with anything Titanic) called Build the Titanic at Barnes and Noble and holed up in his man cave working on its miniature parts, gluing and painting. It’s more than two feet long and pretty much to scale. There’s a great little book that came with the model written by a female captain, Meghan Cleary, who lives aboard her thirty-five-foot sailboat.

I don’t normally watch daytime TV on any regular basis since All My Children went off the air. My mom and…

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