A Blog You Should Read

I make a point, with each of my posts, of sharing websites you may be interested in. However, I have never written a post specifically to recommend someone’s blog.

I fully recommend J.G. Burdette’s blog, “Map of Time, A Trip Into The Past”. I do not know J.G. Burdette, but I do know that he(or she) has a site of well written articles. Articles about important events and people in history, some of which have been forgotten by time. Just a sampling of topics include: SS Eastland, SS Empress of Ireland, SS General Slocum, RMS Titanic, RMS Lusitania, HMHS Britannic, General Jackson, General Sherman, Pearl Harbor, The Pullman Strike, The Great Chicago Fire, and The Great San Francisco Earthquake.

So, if you have time in your busy schedule, I recommend adding “Map of Time, A Trip Into The Past” to your reading list.

(just click on the shortlink to J.G.’s page) http://wp.me/1TJNy

Photo of the SS Eastland docked. This photo wa...

SS Eastland, Image via Wikipedia

Sinking of the Britannic

HMHS Britannic, sister ship to RMS Olympic & Titanic, sinking. Image via Wikipedia


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4 responses to “A Blog You Should Read

  1. Hi author I like your blog


  2. alexdylannolan

    Thanks for recommendation


  3. J. G. Burdette

    I’m a she actually, and thanks for the kind words.


    • Your are welcomed … they are earned. You have many articles about people and events that people do not know about today, but should. I have always enjoyed history. I’ve started going through your past blogs.