One Mans Obsession With An Historical Event

I read this post last week and enjoyed it. I thought I would share it with you.,sb=2410062,b=facebook&access_token=AAAAACuIpepUBAA1ZB8xWVXPVXvc9Gu1TFX3QidAjsz5cGFE6wF3oU5G7QFcvviierBDYjg8vQhWLSgE7KRUYCoU5eCCU7PxVGjgBtGSxk96plFf1j&expires_in=4892


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4 responses to “One Mans Obsession With An Historical Event

  1. I really like your writing style, good info , thankyou for posting : D.


  2. Penny K. Lynn

    thanks. The article made perfect sense to me but then I’m the mother
    of a writer and the daughter of a reader…who once owned a bookstore. pkl


  3. Penny K. Lynn

    I know you posted an article from the Huff. but all I get is a page of
    letters,numbers and signs! What do I need to learn today beyond my
    mere basics………….computer on!! LoL & LOL too!