Some of my readers have been asking for a website and this is the beginning of our website. You will be able to find out what is new, what is coming, and you will be able to talk and get answers to your questions. Have something you would like to see me write about? You have come to the right place. Have suggestions or feedback? Find out how to get a book signed or information on talks right here. That is why I created this site. When you talk … I listen.

“Confederate Treasury” (the working title) is still schedule for release fall/winter 2011. The E-book “I Am A Submariner” was just published at smashwords.com and should be at your favorite E-book retailer by Halloween. Last, I did say I would not write another Titanic book. However, many of the readers of “Titanic, A Search For Answers”, have been asking for a sequel (I promise to start outlining this sometime this winter).

Thank You … and have a great day!


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