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First Anniversary

"Titanic Book" Collection logo

"Titanic Book" Collection logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

It has been one year since my first E-book was published. April 5, 2012 (actually tomorrow) will be my first anniversary.

I want to take this opportunity to thank you, my readers. The past year has been a great learning experience. My grandfather believed in learning something new every day and I believe he would be pleased. My first E-book was Christmas Patrol. Click on the link below to read the summary of Christmas Patrol and download a free copy.


As my anniversary gift to YOU, follow the link below to read the summary for Titanic, A Search For Answers , see the youtube trailer for the book, and get 66% off the price of the E-book (good until 16 April 2012) or you can buy a copy and send it to someone as a gift. This is the only time I am announcing this discount and it is only good through the link below. When you go to checkout enter the following code: PX95U (not case sensitive).




This is good until April 16, 2012.

Again … THANK YOU, for a great year!



e-book (Photo credit: Ángela Espinosa)



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Special Promotion

If there is a book of mine you have not downloaded, do it now and save, Smashwords is having a sale from March 4 through March 10, 2012 (they distribute my books to e-book retailers; Barnes & Noble, Apple, Reader Store(Sony), iTunes, and many more).

Titanic, A Search For Answers — $0.99 (half off)

One Last Thought: behind the scenes — $0.99 (half off)

Alexandra — FREE (normally $0.99)

One Last Thought — FREE (normally $0.99)

And as always all my other current titles are still free.

To get your savings, go to www.smashwords.com/profile/view/Combs2jc , open an account (it is free to open an account), select the books you want and checkout. It is just that easy. You can download my books in any format you need to read them on your; e-readers, computer, i-phone, and smart phone. You can even download them as a PDF file.

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New Interview

I just gave an interview to Stacy Pond and have received permission to post that interview here on my website. I will be posting all my interviews and appearances in the future.

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R.M.S. Titanic

R.M.S. Titanic.

Click on the above underlined word to find out more about the new Titanic book to be released in 2012.

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Publishing Wars

One of my Facebook author friends L.J. Sellers just went exclusively Amazon. I understand why she did this and I commend her for thinking through this and making a decision that she felt was in her best interests. I won’t be making the same decision and I am going to share with you why. I know that normally I share with you, on my page, information about my work and news related to my work or topics I have written about. However, this is an important topic for writers and readers, and so I stray from my normal post topics.

As most of you know there is a publishing war going on within the independent publisher/writer industry, now that there is big money to be made. Recently Borders filed for bankruptcy leaving Amazon and Barnes & Noble battling it out, with Apple recently joining the fray. Make no mistake about it, an attempt is being made to “corner the market” in the independent industry. Several months ago Amazon made changes in an attempt to get authors to go exclusively with them, which L.J. has decided to do (here is L.J.’s press release about that http://ljsellers.com/all-amazon/). Now Apple is also trying to get authors to go exclusively with them (http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/01/21/ibooks-author-contract-ibookstore_n_1220123.html?ir=Books).

Amazon does make it easier for customers to purchase print books from independent authors that use Create Space (which Amazon owns) over other publish on demand companies (like LuLu.com). In the field of e-books they have used rewards to independent authors instead of the strong-arm tactics such as with Create Space.

That will not last. As soon as one company begins to dominate the market, they will start dictating terms to the authors to increase company profit margins. The new terms will be unfavorable to the authors and very favorable to the dominant company. When the profit margins have been increased as much as possible, at the expense of the author, then prices will increase to the reader. Today some authors sell their e-books at the same or near the same as their print books. One day in the future almost all e-books will sell at near print prices with the dominant company getting all those profits.

I publish my print books with LuLu.com and I distribute my e-books through Smashwords.com, those two companies give terms which I find favorable to me. Amazon carries my print books and used to carry my e-books (which it no longer does). Barnes & Noble carries my e-books and has never carried my print books. Apple, Diesel, and a host of other e-book companies (too many to name here) also carry my e-books.

I will not help one of these companies monopolize the market. One company having a monopoly, in the long run, will hurt me more than help me. If Amazon decides to stop carrying my print books unless I go exclusively Amazon, then my print books will no longer be available at Amazon. If Apple decides to stop carrying my e-books unless I go exclusively Apple, then my e-books will no longer be available at Apple. I feel that over the long run, this is better for authors and readers. Will it cost me money now? Yes, most definitely. However, I feel it is better for you and me.

This is my decision, and I am standing by it.


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