Sunday is the Last in the Hunley Series

This last article has been very hard for me. I won’t shy away from an argument, but I also do not like to go in amongst the combatants in heated, emotional, fights. Who found the Hunley is certainly a heated, emotional, fight. However, emotions have gotten to the point where it seems to be the overriding force in the arguments concerning who found the Hunley. That being the case, this is one topic where I felt I have to go into the forray. At the end though, I hope you will have enjoyed my series on the Hunley, learned something new, and be able to decide for yourself who deserves credit for what. The last part is particularly difficult. Good luck.

Take care and have a great day!

Next week I will be working on another “Cup-O-Joe” article for 2 September.


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  2. I have enjoyed it so far!